Letscappella - Easiest way to learn and sing A Cappella!
- Find and Share A Cappella score sheet
- Practice and Jam with friends
- Record and Share your music

Start experiencing A Cappella!
Letscappella provides a selection of score sheets with different levels and genres. You can learn different parts by choosing the parts you want to hear. You and your friends can record different parts and combine them together as a video. Share your works with people around the globe and make friends!
1. Choose a song
Pick a song from our arranged score sheets of different levels and genres.
2. Play and learn your part
Adjust the mixer to focus on the specific part. Turn on the click for tempo guiding.
3. Select your part and record
Videotape yourself while singing. Record until you get it perfect.
4. Combine the parts and share
Publish your work as a video collage.
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